Colour Blending Techniques.

Learn the on trend effect of blending colours.

Watch as Jennylyn shows you how to create a seamless blended technique!



Painting Vinyl and Leather.

Upcycle an outdated Leather or Vinyl couch or chair easily with Fusion Mineral Paint! Learn how easy it is to get a whole new look on Fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint. Get a smooth finish that will last, and a whole new look just by adding paint!



Paint Light Over Dark with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Follow along as Jennylyn teaches you her best tips for how to paint light over dark with Fusion Mineral Paint!

#1 - Clean! Scrub all that grease and grime off your surface with our TSP to ensure you have a sound surface for painting.

#2 - Use a transition colour. Our faves are Pebble, Sterling, or any of the medium greys in the Fusion line!

#3 - Use a good brush. Our Staalmeester line is a great pairing with Fusion!



Techniques to Highlight Details with Wax, Dry Brush and a Wet Distress.

There are so many techniques you can use to give your furniture a little something extra when adding your finishing touches.

Try our Fusion Mineral Paint Waxes for a highlighting detailed effect.

Learn how to use a Dry Brush Technique to show off those details. Learn how to Wet Distress with Fusion Mineral paint for a super fine smooth as butter finish!



How to Create Clean Paint Lines with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Learn some great tips from Jennylyn on how to create clean paint lines with Fusion Mineral Paint!

We like to use FrogTape, but you can use any low-tack painter's tape to achieve this!

Be sure to press down on the edges of your tape to ensure no paint leaks underneath. Then, use just a small amount of paint to cover!

Wait only a few minutes before removing the tape, otherwise the paint might start to cure to the tape! Pull slowly and at an angle for best results.



How to Apply Gold Leaf to Furniture and Fusion Mineral Paint.

Learn how to use one of the biggest trends in furniture makeovers to bring your work to the next level!

Follow along with Jennylyn as she shows you how to apply golf leaf to furniture and Fusion Mineral Paint!