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Why Choose Cornish Milk Mineral Paint?

  • Environmentally friendly, Vegan and Non Toxic Paint with minimal VOC's.
  • Cornish Milk can be used on every paintable surface including, wood, stone, glass & kitchen cabinets. Due to the paint formula, exterior projects are fine also. Garden sheds, benches and patio furniture look stunning in Cornish Milk Mineral Paint
  • Minimal preparation required. For high gloss surfaces, we always recommend a light sanding to provide better adhesion.
  • Self-levelling formula, bye bye brush strokes!
  • High durability once cured. 
  • Has a shelf life of up to 4 years once your carton has been opened.
  • Fantastic coverage. 
  • A ready-mixed acrylic paint formula, simply open your carton and paint.
  • When diluted with water, the paint works as a wood stain.
  • Water Based formula... Simply clean your brushes in-between painting with warm soapy water.Cornish sea waves

Is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint a "milk paint"?

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's unique Mineral formula is NOT a Milk Paint. It has milk in the name because the finish has been created to replicate traditional milk Paint, but with all the advantages of a durable pure acrylic formula. This natural and vegan paint formula has been hand made from high-grade acrylic-resin and natural Cornish earth/mineral pigments, which produce the most striking colours that look beautiful and authentic.

Cornish sea waves

Do I need to prepare my surfaces?

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint requires very little preparation due to its unique mineral formula which includes a high adhesion primer and additional gripping agent.

In some cases, the only preparation needed is a thorough clean. Grease and dirt are the causes of most ruined paint finishes.

However in cases with a high gloss finish, we recommend giving the surface a light sand/key, using a high grit sand paper. We recommend a 120 grit as this will be fine enough not leave your furniture with heavy sanding marks. Once sanded, make sure to clean off all dust with a damp cloth.

Preparation is the key to longevity. For every brand of paint, the more work you put into prep, the more years your finish will last. Some brands, Like Cornish Milk Mineral Paint, just require less prep!

Cornish sea waves

Can Cornish Milk Mineral Paint be distressed and aged?

Yes! However Cornish Milk Mineral paint adheres to surfaces much stronger than traditional chalk paints, due to its high grade acrylic-resin content, so we strongly recommend that if you want a distressed/rustic finish, start the distressing process soon after the item is touch dry, as once the paint has cured, distressing through the paint will be a tough job!

Cornish sea waves

Can Cornish Milk Mineral Paint colours be mixed?

Yes! All the colours have been designed to mix together, so you can create your very own bespoke colours. Our pure white ''Salt'' shade is the perfect pure white to mix with deeper colours to create lighter tones from our palette. 

Cornish sea waves

Can I Create An Antique Looking Finish?

Yes! many products can be used alongside Cornish Milk Mineral Paints to achieve a beautiful Antique finish. Just like other chalk and mineral paints, decorative finishing products like waxes, stains and varnishes can be applied to create what ever style you like.

Cornish sea waves

Is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Durable?

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has been made with modern living in mind. In most cases, depending on application method, Cornish Milk Mineral Paint takes just 7 days to cure. Once cured, the paint finish becomes scuff resistant and ultra durable, due to the paints unique formula which contains a built in top-coat.
However, if you did accidentally scuff or scratch your finish before it had cured, simply wipe down the scuff with a damp cloth and re-apply a small coat to the area.  Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has the fantastic ability of self levelling which will settle into the scratch, and dry smooth.

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Is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Waterproof?

Yes! Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is 100% waterproof due to its acrylic-resin formula. Once cured, Cornish Milk Mineral Paint becomes waterproof and scuff resistant which makes our Mineral Paint perfect for outside projects such a painting your front door or giving your garden furniture a new look
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Do I Need To Apply A Top Coat?


No! Cornish Milk Mineral Paint's unique formula already has a high grade top coat built in and will give your projects ultra protection once cured.
However, for high traffic surfaces, such as table tops, floor boards and cabinet handles, we recommend applying an additional top coat, such as a wax or varnish, depending on the use of the item.
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Does Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Have UV Protection?


Yes! its unique formula is 100% UV Protected, which means that any surface painted in Cornish Milk Mineral Paint will not fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. This was built into the formula after experiencing fading colours using other chalk paints on the market. This also means, that if you paint any garden furniture or sheds, your finish will last so much longer.
Cornish sea waves

Is Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Eco Friendly?


Yes! This unique formula is non-toxic and has very minimal VOC’s making our paint very ECO friendly. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is also proud to be 100% vegan.

The paint packaging is just as unique as its paint formula, they are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. Their manufacturing process also creates 75% less CO₂ emissions than other paint packaging.
Once you've finished painting, simply wash your pot and place into your recycling bin. Our milk tubs are not plastic lined and instead have been lined with a natural wax, which is bio-degradable. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is and will forever be a eco-friendly business, striving to have a positive impact on the environment and our community.